Our Mission-To empower the youth in the community with Life & Leadership Skills through Sports+Mentorship.


“Heroes Come and go, but Legends are Forever”~Kobe Bryant

One Family One Fight, Inc 501c(3) (OFOF), opened it’s doors in 2020 after losing our middle son Samaad Z Frazier to gun violence on December 31, 2019 in Somerset, NJ. He was 19 years old and a 2018 graduate of Franklin High School. He was an elite basketball player and a huge inspiration to those who knew and loved him.
To continue his legacy, to turn a negative into a positive and to make a difference, we serve the youth the community with a boy’s basketball league, Legends Basketball that is combined with our Legends Mentor Program, and an annual scholarship, The Samaad Z Frazier Legacy Scholarship Fund. The scholarship given to a Franklin High School senior who is a high school basketball player that did not get a sports scholarship but wants to continue their college education.  
With the rise of gun violence, building a community that provides positive outlets for the youth, builds community relationships between residents, law enforcement and local businesses has become mandatory.

Our Core Values

``A coach brings the best out of you, a mentor gives the best of themselves to you.`` ~David Meltzer

Sports creates a common goal of bringing the youth together for the love of the game. We use that platform to teach the young men Life and Leadership Skills on and off the court. Our interactive workshops and roundtable discussions focus on a creating a positive mindset, responsible decision making, effective communication, relationship skills, conflict resolution, leadership and character development.
With the rise of gun violence in all communities, providing positive outlets along with building community
partnerships is vital to reaching the youth in the community. When we stand together as one, we provide a positive network for the underserved youth.

The Samaad Z Frazier Legacy Scholarship Fund

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month and Samaad’s birthday month. We wear orange to commemorate those who lost their lives, those who survived, and to support those who are affected by Gun Violence. During the first weekend of June we hold our annual Samaad Z Frazier Legacy Scholarship Fund Walk-a-Thon to help raise the money to give our scholarship to a deserving senior basketball player at Franklin High School in Somerset, NJ.

Young Black Men are losing their lives to gun violence in disproportionate numbers. In 2019 alone 2,906 young men lost their lives to homicide, and 2,606 of those homicides were committed by Black men. The time has come for us to bond together as a community to save our young men from gun violence and negative situations.

2021 5amily Day