Our mission is to cultivate communities of hope and resilience through a multi-faceted approach that includes solutions-based community development, a dedicated Youth Over Guns Initiative, and compassionate support groups for those affected by gun violence.


We are driven by a shared purpose and a deep commitment to building a safer future for our communities. Our Youth Over Guns Initiative was born out of the tragic loss of our beloved son to gun violence. We have turned our grief into action, dedicating our lives to preventing other families from experiencing the same pain.

EmpowerED Solutions

Our vision is one of collaboration, where the power of collective knowledge and action transforms problems into opportunities, and where the ripple effects of our efforts create a more equitable, sustainable, and harmonious world for generations to come.

We empower individuals and groups to take ownership of issues and actively participate in the problem-solving process.

We actively engage with the broader community to gather input, feedback, and insights.

Solutions are designed with long-term sustainability in mind, aiming to create lasting positive impacts.

The ultimate goal is to create positive, tangible changes in various aspects of society, from local communities to global issues.

We facilitate continuous learning and skill development through workshops, seminars, and knowledge-sharing.

Solutions-based communities focus on outcomes and impact assessment to ensure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Samaad Z Frazier Legacy Foundation & Scholarship Awards

We are excited to announce the Samaad Z Frazier Scholarship Award to recognize the exceptional achievements of high school seniors who have demonstrated both remarkable athletic talent in sports and incredible strength in battling depression. This scholarship aims to honor and support individuals who have triumphed over adversity while pursuing their academic and athletic goals.

“Samaad was no celebrity, but in silence he touched many lives young and old. He was special. He made his dash, his legacy about inspiring, motivating and loving others. His presence, his hugs, His entire life was about LOVE, the LOVE he showed everyone who came into contact with him and the LOVE we all share with each other in his death.”

-Kim Banks, President OFOF & Mother of Samaad Z Frazier

Solutions In Action

On Sunday June 4, 2023 we held our 3rd Annual Samaad Z Frazier Legacy 5K Run & Walk at Colonial Park! We raised $2,511 for our Samaad Z Frazier Legacy Scholarship Award.

Wear Orange Weekend marks the beginning of Gun Violence Awareness Month in June. We were honored to speak to the community about our experience with losing Samaad, and how we are using our nonprofit to honor Samaad’s legacy and give back to families in the same community he grew up in.

On September 21st, 2023 we were honored to represent all communities at the Gun Sense & Safety Community Conversation in Closter, NJ. We shared our story and our concept of creating Solutions Based Communities.

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