August 4th

And If I just pause for a moment, 

If I shut my eyes, 

I can still smell the scent on your shirt when you hugged me. 

I can still see the smile on your face too. 

I always wondered how you would look when you got your braces taken off. 

That’s all there is for me to do now, 


(For Samaad Frazier 06/21/2000-12/31/2019)

By Amira Mustapha 

“Samaad and I were classmates; met him through mutual friends. Every time Samaad saw me, he always greeted me with kindness!! In the very few interactions I’ve had with him, Samaad treated me like his family. His death inspired me to write poetry; the poem I wrote about him was actually the first poem I wrote. He’s someone who definitely lived in the moment and to this day, I try to do the same”-Amira