grief healing

20 Nov

Navigating the Holidays & Grief

The holiday season, a time that once sparkled with festive lights and joyous melodies, can cast a shadow on those who still carry the weight of grief. For those who have lost a loved one like me, the season’s cheer often intertwines with the unsettling reminder of their absence. How do we navigate the grief during the holidays and rediscover moments of joy amidst the sorrow? Acknowledging the Pain First and foremost, it’s crucial to acknowledge the pain. Grief is not a...

06 Nov

Beyond Trigger: Empowering Gun Violence Survivors

Beyond Triggers: Empowering Gun Violence Support Group Welcome to “Beyond Triggers,” a monthly gathering that transcends the traumatic experiences of gun violence and empowers survivors and advocates to take back their lives. We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month to provide a safe space for healing, support, and personal growth. What to Expect: 🤝 Community and Connection: Beyond Triggers is a place where survivors, their families, and allies can come together in solidarity. It’s a community where understanding and empathy are the...