About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

One Family One Fight, Inc was founded in 2020 to continue Samaad’s legacy. We serve the youth in the community with a basketball league; Maady Legends for boys ages 14 and up, a mentor program; Level Up Leaders Development Program, and youth focused events. We provide a unique affordable basketball experience by combining both sports and mentorship to empower the youth to become future leaders. We use the peer to peer fundraising and to raise money to lower the cost of our basketball league, mentor programs and youth focused events.

To provide a unique sports experience that incorporates life skills trainings to empower the youth in the community to become Future Leaders.

Loyalty. Honor. Respect. 🖐🏽💙

The signature hand derives from Samaad’s brothers/best friends group called “The Family.” They are a group of friends NOT a gang who either grew up together or met while attending school in Franklin Township, NJ. What makes them unique is that their BROTHERHOOD! Rarely do we see young men with a bond so unique that it displays love, loyalty, honor and respect to each other. Their support system is unheard of in this day and age.  They are a huge inspiration to the youth in our community,

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