About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

In the depths of personal tragedy, One Family One Fight, Inc emerged in 2020 as a beacon of resilience and hope. Founded by a family who experienced the devastating loss of their middle son, Samaad Z Frazier, to gun violence, our organization was born out of the collective commitment to turn grief into a force for positive change. Samaad was 19 years old, a 2018 Franklin High School graduate, and  an elite basketball player who battled depression. He left an indelible mark on our lives, inspiring us to channel our pain into purpose.

Our journey is rooted in the belief that adversity can be transformed into strength. We embarked on a mission to create a community where every individual, family, and survivor finds support, empowerment, and a pathway to healing. Our Create Positive Spaces & Programs Initiative is the key pillar to our programs. It embodies our Youth Over Guns Initiative,—AspireRise Youth Empowerment Program, our Family Empowerment & Wellness Initiative—Unified Roots Program, and our Peer Support Groups for Survivors. Our programs reflect our commitment to uplifting the youth, nurturing family well-being, and providing compassionate spaces for those affected by gun violence.

At One Family One Fight, our journey is a testament to the transformative power of unity, resilience, and the belief that, together, we can rise above adversity. Join us in our collective fight for a community where every individual aspires, rises, and leads with purpose.