Our Mission-Empowering the youth in the community with Life & Leadership Skills through Sports+Mentorship.



One Family. One Fight. 501(3)C

One Family. One Fight. (OFOF) opened it’s doors in 2020 after losing our middle son Samaad Z Frazier to gun violence on December 31, 2019 in Somerset, NJ. He was 19 years old and a 2018 graduate of Franklin High School. He was an elite basketball player and a huge inspiration to those who knew and loved him.  To continue his legacy, and to make a difference in the community, we started our Developmental Travel Boy’s Basketball League that combines our Legends Mentor Program to offer Sports+Mentorship to teach Life & Leadership Skills on and off the court.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, a total of 43,654 people have died from gun violence in the US in 2020 with numbers rising to 44,916 in 2021. With the rise of gun violence in all communities, providing positive outlets for the youth, building community relationships, and partnering with local businesses has become mandatory.

Our Core Values

“Heroes come and go, but Legends are Forever”-Kobe Bryant

Building community partnerships is vital to reaching the youth in the community. When we stand together as one, we provide a positive network for the underserved youth in the community. OFOF is partnering with Passion 4 Youth, Inc and Top Dawg Training to provide the best in class in training for our Legends Basketball League. We are partnering with Franklin’s Grace Resource Center to provide community resources like job training, education, food services, and mentoring.

Legends Basketball+Legends Mentor Program

Each One Teach One

Sports creates a common goal to bring the youth in the community together. We use that platform to teach the young men how Life and Leadership Skills coincide with Sports Team play. Our program includes a Saturday Life Strategies Academy, Empowerment Workshops, Leadership Development Series, Career Development, Financial Literacy, and College Bound Series. Our interactive workshops and roundtable discussions focus on positivity, responsible decision making, effective communication, relationship skills, and conflict resolution.

Upcoming Events

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Young Black Men are losing their lives to gun violence in disproportionate numbers. In 2019 alone 2,906 young men lost their lives to homicide, and 2,606 of those homicides were committed by Black men. The time has come for us to bond together as a community to save our young men from gun violence and negative situations.

2021 5amily Day