With tragedy comes questions. What exactly happened? Why did this happen? Why did they choose my son? Could I have done something to change this? Maybe if I did this or that something might have changed? Did it have to go so far as to take his life? What could be that serious?

As the days go on, I realize I’m trying to make sense out of NONSENSE! There is nothing I could have done to change the actions of the kids that chose this path on that day. They forever changed the lives of my family, Samaad’s friends and their families and their own families. Yes, I lost my son but so did the other families involved. Six lives lost to tragedy and for WHAT?! Whatever the reason may be it definitely was not worth giving up their lives at such a young age.

My community is in despair because the kids ALLEDGEDLY involved went to school together. Many of the kids played sports together and had classes together and now this? How did we get here? How did it go so far as to take the life of one of the GREATESS SOULS in NJ? according to Samaad’s best friend/brother, Tyree. 

I hurt for the children and parents in my community who knew both Samaad and the ALLEDGED assailants. They now have to deal with the pain of loosing Samaad and knowing the people involved. They are angry and hurt by such senseless acts which could have been dealt with in a different way. Why are guns the first resort to an argument? Bullets will kill a person or put you in jail for the rest of your life possibly. Is the beef worth that much to never see outside of a jail for the rest of your life? Never graduate from high school or college? Never go to the prom? Never join a fraternity or sorority? Never travel the world or experience life period?

In the midst of all of this I was able to celebrate my son’s legacy which is nineteen years of love, loyalty and respect. The other families involved are not as lucky as me. They have to live with the fact their loved ones ALLEGEDLY committed a heinous crime by taking another person’s life. I’m grateful for being on the other side of this coin. I thank God daily for the time and love we shared with Samaad. He was one of the GREATESS SOULS!