Grief Journey

23 Sep

19 Years & A Casket

After all I’ve done for my son all I get is a CASKET!? Don’t say that Kim! Don’t say that! You got this and that and time and blah blah blah!  Yes I did get all of that. But I poured my time, my money, my heart and soul into my child and all I got after 19 years is a casket… A lifeless body buried in the ground way before his time… With all of the money I spent on trainings, gear, workouts,...

22 Jun

Wear Orange Speech June 2023

Greetings everyone Good Morning! As you know my name is Kim Banks and I’m the mother of Samaad Frazier. He lost his life at 19 years old to gun violence on December 31, 2019 on Churchill Ave here in Somerset. He was visiting a friend, He was not a gang member or involved in gang activity, he was just at the wrong place at wrong the time.  Life has become so invaluable these days and Gun violence has become so prevalent...