1. How did you all meet and when?
Terrod-I met different people at different times, but we all came together as one between our sophomore year and senior year.
Davon-Everyone I met in the Fives I met while I was in high school my freshmen or sophomore year.

2.  How did you end up calling yourselves “The Family?”
Terrod-Honestly, Tyree. The 5ive emoji “🖐🏽” meant so much to Tyree and anyone who was considered as family to him, when he would text you he would end his messages off with that emoji. Because of that we just made our symbol of family as the 5ive emoji 🖐🏽.
Davon-I didn’t come up with the name I think it was Tyree’s idea.

3.  How did you decide who would be added to the group?
Terrod-I know it started off with Tyree, Quincy, and Shadeen. But as we all got closer with one another, we made a group chat and added who was close with us. At the end of the day it’s all about who we knew would stick with us; all about loyalty.
Davon-I never decided who should be in it I was just added in.

4.  How did you come up with your signature handshake?
Terrod-We had a handshake from middle school/freshman year to October 2018 where we changed it up to make it more simple.
Davon-I also didn’t come up with that, the rest of the group created it and shared it with me.

5.  What makes up your family bond?
Terrod-How we went from friends to brothers. Now we all know each other like the back of our hand. Endless laughs and jokes. Continuous conversations in the group chat, making sure that everyone is in a positive mood.  
Davon-Our bond relies on honesty, loyalty, care, love, and humor.

6.  Each one of you has something special about you what makes you unique to “The Family?”
Terrod-My dedication to certain goals or objectives. Once I put my mind to something, I keep grinding towards it until I get whatever it is. I also make music which I tell my stories through that.
Davon-What I add to the unique family personalities is that I’m the youngest but I also have a creative mind.

7.  What do you love about each other?
Terrod-Everything. Everyone is different from one another but in a way we’re all the same. They’re there for me when I need it and it’s the same for anyone else in 5ives as well. Not friends, we’re brothers.
Davon- l love that we are always there for one another and we understand each other quite well. 

8.  What can’t you stand about each other?
Terrod-Our time management is TERRIBLE. If we had to be somewhere at 7:30, we would text in the chat at 9:00 saying “what are we doing.”
Davon-I can’t stand when we argue all the time!! But that also makes our bond unique.

9.  What makes you different than a “gang?”
Terrod-We don’t come off as a gang when it comes to our appearance or the way we talk. We’re respectful and dedicated young men. We all have goals and dreams of being successful.
Davon-We’re different from a gang because we strive for success and try to keep one another away from from trouble.

10.  I love that you all show so much love to each other. Tell me more about that?  Terrod-We’re brothers. Nothing more, nothing less, Family 🖐🏽.
Davon-Our love for each other is strong as we have been building as a group for years now.

11.  How did you meet Samaad?
Terrod-I met Samaad Freshman year, we had English together with Mrs. Troy. But we got really close Sophomore & Junior year which made me add him into the 5ives group chat. Davon-I met Samaad my freshmen year. I was friends with Khefri and all his twin brothers. Samaad was also friends with them and we would ended up always being around each other. 

12.  I see how Samaad has touched each and everyone of you. Tell me more about that?
Terrod-Samaad has taught me a lot about this world. Samaad rubbed off his lion-heart tendencies on me. When he put his mind to something, he would stay up for hours with no sleep trying to get whatever it is. He showed me what it was like to have a little brother.
Davon-Samaad touched me in many ways. I looked to him as a big brother. He always had my back whether I was in the right or wrong. We even argued and fought all the time but at the end of the day we loved each other.

13.  How will “The Family” make a difference in this world since losing Samaad to gun violence?
Terrod-We learned the hard way but we all learned that we have to watch our backs at all times and to not trust anyone. We are very much more careful with where we are and what we do.
Davon-We will make a difference by becoming role models for others making others want to strive to do something good for themselves and showing people that there are better things to life.

14.  Anything else you want to add?
Terrod-Everything I do is for Maady, we miss him, we love him. He’ll forever be with us until we see him again. Love you 5ever my boy 🖤🖐🏽.