When you think of being vulnerable what comes to mind? Does Weakness come to mind? 

The truth is you have to be vulnerable to build strength. To build strength you have to have courage. Vulnerability is a strength because it allows you to open yourself up to others and experience life more fully. Being vulnerable is being courageous about what is happening with you emotionally at the moment. 

Vulnerable definition: to choose to be authentic and show our true selves, despite facing fear and uncertainty that what we say, do, or feel will be rejected.

Being vulnerable can help us to work through our emotions easier rather than pushing them away. Vulnerability fosters good emotional and mental health. We become more resilient and brave when we embrace who we truly are and what we are feeling.

When you hear the word Vulnerable the next word that should come to mind is Courage. You have to have courage to show your emotions to others, you have to have courage to allow yourself to feel your emotions at the moment you are in. You have to have courage to trust the right person. You have to have courage to make decisions. 

With courage comes Strength. 

Vulnerability becomes strength when you dare to face it and embrace it. To be strong you have to have the courage to stand in whatever situation you are in and feel every emotion that comes with that situation at the moment. 

Being strong means you are vulnerable to your emotions when you experience life. It’s feelings in real time. 

When you think about your own life moments how Strong have you been by showing vulnerability? Embrace vulnerability, use courage to build your strength!