It took FIVE of you to kill my son 

Little did you know his destiny was already WON

From this pain we will live in his HONOR

I know you must have to PONDER

As to why you made his name bigger than YONDER

You took his LIFE that was all you did

Now you’re in jail looking like a piece of SHIT

Until the day we die we will SPEAK HIS NAME

Too bad for you, you will die in SHAME 

You turned up a VILLAIN in FivesUpRoddy

That’s because you thought we were NOBODY

Watch us from HELL as we do what we do

Jamal created GLOKKSTARR just for you

ONE FAMILY ONE FIGHT is our foundation name

MAADY LEGENDS is our game

LOVE OVER HATE you could never stop us 

The 5amily WE ALWAYS GOT US🖐🏽💙