Who would have ever thought we would end up here?  Me alive and you dead at 19. You had more life to live, so much more to accomplish. You were special, never had to study, an all around athlete, but shined in basketball just like your grandfather.  

I often ask WHY! WHY YOU? WHY ME? WHY OUR FAMILY? When I got the news you were shot I knew then you were gone for some reason. While in route to the hospital I screamed “WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE,” before even knowing you were gone. This pain will last FOREVER. 

But TODAY, It’s not about your death today it’s about living in your memories, the DASH between your birth and death. Today 6/21 I will FOREVER celebrate your life! I thank God for BLESSING me with you, for all the good times and bad, and for you calling me KIMBERLY every chance you got. FOREVER ALWAYS I WILL LOVE YOU SON! Happy King Maady Day😇💙