We have words back and forth. We are all up in each other’s face calling each other names, saying your Mama this your Daddy that. Talking about your clothing and shoes, your mistakes and boyfriends, and how stupid you are. It’s broken up and we go our separate ways vowing to see each other again and when we do it’s on! Later that day we get at each other on social media. Talking shit back and forth showing the world how tough we are on Facebook and Instagram. You get so caught up in your feelings you decide you’re gonna really show me how tough you are. And that meant getting a gun. This time you’re gonna be packing and end this once and for all!

We meet again, we have words back and forth and we’re at each other’s throats. But this time, you pull out that gun. I’m unarmed and back off. Instead of you backing down you vow to show the crowd who’s the toughest of them all. You shoot that gun. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! I’m hit and fall to the ground bleeding profusely. My friends call an ambulance but it’s too late. I die on the way to the hospital. I was unarmed! Yeah we had beef but was it that serious to kill me over? Little did you know you were so caught up in your feelings that you made a choice to change both of our lives that day. I became a victim and you became a murderer. We both will miss so many important events in our lives. My family will celebrate my life and legacy and your family will be known for breeding a killer. A not so tough person who hid behind a gun. A not so tough person who can’t handle situations without using violence. You ain’t tough the gun is!

Young people these days are so concerned with letting the world know that they have access to guns and aren’t afraid of using them. They are not afraid of loosing their lives. They are not afraid of causing families stress, heartache and pain. They are not afraid to put their families in financial turmoil just to prove their innocence even though they may know they are guilty. 

We are loosing too many young people to gun violence it’s sickening. Having notoriety in these streets is more important to them than using their God given gifts for a much bigger purpose like being doctors, and lawyers, or television anchors, or movie stars, or millionaires, or real estate gurus, or even entrepreneurs. They don’t even know how great they are and what they can accomplish. There is so much more than being know to the world as a murderer!